Elette is a haunted tower defense game with a heavy focus on action and branching storylines. Take control of Mathias and his friends as they defend their nation against the oncoming undead horde! In Elette the player is a stationary character equipped with a bow, the goal is to defend the player's location by shooting various arrows at oncoming zombies.



After the events of the Reaper Wars, Lotte had become a shattered nation. Under the rule of Mathias, the citizens managed to rebuild some of their once proud nation. After years of reconstruction, the island nation of Lotte is soon threatened by a darker, more vile threat; one that had been sleeping since the Reaper Wars.

The game starts with Mathias Tillington II in a tower outside of Kaepe. He is reading a book of poetry when he is interrupted by sounds outside the tower. He looks down and see an approaching zombie army. The game follows Mathias' journey over a single night to reunite with his family, trying to save them in the process. On the way he meets Mathias Tillington I, Benviolo, and Hermielle.


C’T Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue: Top Games of 2013

IndieDB’s Freedom Friday (12/5/2013)

Reviews & Comments

“I really liked the concept of the game. The style was very endearing as well.”

“Chills down my spine!”

“If Tim Burton made video games, this is exactly what I would expect!”