Ba'al Kal'ar is the bloodthirsty tyrant of his self-named empire. Known for his pure aggression, Kal'ar managed to usurp the throne from his younger brother Na'Raden who was chosen as the heir shortly after the death of his father, Ta'Lash.



Rise of Ta'Lash

  • Fall of NorthSpire & WestSpire
  • Completion of the Spire
  • Death of Lord A'verim
  • Fall of the Vernetrim Empire

The Ta'Lash Empire

  • San'tre Ta'Lash

Fall of Ta'Lash

  • Death of Ta'Lash
  • Banishment of Na'Raden
  • Emperor Kal'ar
  • Reconstruction of the Spire
  • Construction of the Amphitheater of Anguish
  • Vilification of Na'Raden

The Reaper Wars

  • War with the Frezati
  • War with Lotte
  • War with Fendago
  • Resurrection of San'tra Bella
  • Desolation of Pylotha

The Decennary of Silence



Shadows of Her Past

Kaepe: Legacy